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Teacher Feature: Mr. Kyle Fleshman

Student Author: Alisha W.

Math teachers are harder to find these days. Especially an exceptional Math teacher. Math is a special skill to have and is difficult to achieve in. Plenty of people tend to struggle in this subject, with the exception of Mr. Kyle Fleshman.

Mr. Fleshman is married to Brook Fleshman and has two sons named Emmitt and Bayler. Mr. Fleshman and his family currently live on a farm and he has farmed for as long as he can remember. Mr. Fleshman has lived in a few other places and has taught at the La Plata school as a Math teacher as well.

Most people know Mr. Fleshman to always have a big and friendly smile on his face, even if he is upset. I have always wondered why and how he was so happy all of the time. This prompted the first question of my interview: “What is your favorite part about teaching because you always seem to be happy with the students?” His response was that he enjoys helping others, he can still act like himself, and be goofy around all of his students. He also stated that he does not have to be stoic. Another question asked was, “What made you want to start being a Math teacher; why Math?” Mr. Fleshman said that when he was in high school, he was involved in A+ tutoring and that being a tutor for a class and helping students with their Math always sparked an interest to him.

Mr. Fleshman is an amazing Math teacher and cares about his students as if they were all his own kids. For that, we really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication Mr. Fleshman puts into our school and the students.

Thank you, Mr. Fleshman!


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