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Salutary Saturday

Student Author: Vanessa B.

Music and art: entertainment that has been used for years and is greatly prominent today. Last Saturday, April the thirteenth, such amusement was presented at Putnam County’s Evening with the Arts, with the opportunity to enjoy a meal of pork, green beans, baked potato, and a hot roll, as well as pastries provided and delivered by the music program. Not to mention, you could buy some cakes, pies, and all sorts of desserts at the auction which took place between the bands. Furthermore, you could spectate and vote on art made by the school’s participants in the National Art Honor Society!

Our bands at Putnam County are all directed by Mrs. Michelle Booth, the new band teacher. The middle school band is co-directed by the new elementary music teacher Mrs. Samantha Waugh and Mrs. Booth. Per usual, the middle school and high school bands performed, as well as the choir and the drumline. The performances featured solos and small ensembles from the sixth and seventh grade bands to the eighth grade band. Also, all-state soloists for the high school choir (Emily K. and Jacob E.) and band (Emily K. and Taffi T.) performed their pieces with accompanist Glenda Dinwiddie. During the performances, food and drinks were carted in and dirty dishes carted out of the gym to bring satisfaction and comfort to the audience.

While the night may go by quickly, the auction goes quicker, with wildly raised hands and quickly spoken numbers. Between the performances, an auction performed by C.L. Vestal took place, where several desserts, such as pie and cake, were sold to eager buyers.

As mentioned previously, art work was put on display for anyone to view. The artists consisted of eight members of the National Art Honor Society, containing one extra artist. Included pieces presented were drawings, paintings, photography, and unconventional fashion. To show appreciation for the pieces introduced, people were given the opportunity to vote on their favorite works. In first place was Freshman Hailey R., with a black and white photograph of a student also attending Putnam County. Second is Senior Riley R., presenting a pointillism piece of a dinosaur head, skull, and brain. And, coming in third, is Junior artist Ashley K. with a painted cow skull.

Evening with the Arts is a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and for other people to enjoy a night of creativity and liveliness. An evening of music, art, and food, as well as an excuse to relax and enjoy oneself. Next year, find some peace of mind in the merriment of Evening with the Arts, and admire the hard work of Putnam County’s very own students!

Hines, Megan. “Re: National Honor Society @ Evening with the Arts.” Received by Vanessa Bondy, 19 Apr. 2019. Email Interview.


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