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A Reflection On My Years of High School

Student Author: Jacob E.

As my senior year is coming to a close, many great memories have been starting to reach their way back into my mind. The feeling of my first day in high school, the nervousness, the pit in my stomach that I felt because it was a whole new experience. My sophomore year, moving to a new town and knowing no one, but learning about everyone. I moved to a welcoming community that I soon fell in love with. Junior year was my year that college worry started setting in. The feeling that in a year’s time, I would no longer be roaming the halls as a student. Finally, Senior year; the moment that I walked into the school as a senior, I really felt like a different person. My mind felt a little wiser, my heart felt a little bit stronger, and my motivation at an all-time high.

Seeing my friends in the hallways and talking about what we will be doing next year, where we want to go to college, what we want to do with our future. Our last days are approaching. This year is full of lasts; our last homecoming, our last winter formal, our last high school prom. We talk about how amazing our reunions will be, even before the second semester begins. Grades become something that we might have overlooked throughout high school, and now we are making amends with our GPAs.

With the end of high school in sight, the possibility of a bright future stares us all in the face. It is a matter of us deciding to charge it face on, or if we want to turn quickly and run. We all have the ability to charge the future head on, but some of us lack the courage and support. Luckily we have made great friends and connections to help guide us on our ways. Whenever we feel troubled and lost, we will look to our mentors for guidance.


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