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Valentine's Day with Friends

Student Author: Emily D.

Don’t have a date for this Valentine’s Day? No problem! Valentine’s Day is not all about being in love, it is about spreading love and showing appreciation for those that love you! Spend this holiday on a date with friends or family. 

Here are ten easy options that would make for a fun night: 

  1. Bake some tasty treats together 🧁

  2. Catch a movie at the theatre 🍿

  3. DIY spa night (face masks, nail painting, and the works!) 💅🏼

  4. Game/movie night 🎲

  5. Go out for a nice dinner 🍽

  6. Host a bonfire (remember to supply the materials for s’mores!) 🔥

  7. Make and deliver Valentine’s Day cards to those in need of holiday cheer 💌

  8. Roller skating ⛸

  9. Spend some time outside 🌳

  10. Take a road trip 🚗

Spending the holidays with family and friends is always a recipe for a good night! Ultimately, the best way to spend Valentine’s Day is doing something that you and your friends love! As long as you and your loved ones have fun, this Valentine’s Day will be one well spent. 



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