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Cooking Corner: Connie Sheehan

Recipe video included!

Student Author: Kori H.

Connie Sheehan works as a fabulous kitchen lady and an awesome cook at Putnam County High School and has been employed there for 9 years. 

Two kittens which Connie bottle-raised, Sis and Rosie

She grew up right here in Putnam County where she was raised by her parents. Connie had a great life growing up. She had a great father; he was her best friend throughout her life and has always been there for her. Connie attended high school at Putnam County R-1 and graduated in 1979. After she received her high school education, she started working at the Hatchery in Unionville, MO. Later, she worked at the Steer Inn Restaurant and Darl Salisbury’s Sporting Goods store. She then got a job working in the kitchen as a cook. 

Connie's best friend, her father

Connie wanted this job because she loves to bake and cook at home. She never had kids of her own, but she feels like she has many of them now that she works for the school. She will always be there for you if you need her. You can catch Connie handing out candy to kids because she loves seeing them happy and smiling. Another thing Connie loves is Halloween. She never fails to disappoint with the amazingly creepy Halloween decorations surrounding the cafeteria. Although she loves seeing them happy, she also loves seeing a good scare and a laugh afterwards.

Buddy, the pound puppy

When Connie is not working at the school cooking, she loves to spend her free time outside and hanging out with her 4 dogs. She enjoys coming up with fun, new woodworking projects that she can work on. Sitting out in the fresh air enjoying the sound of the peaceful water, you can find Connie out there fishing. 

Connie and Bella

Thank you Connie for being you and for being one of the best cooks! You mean a lot to all of the students!

P.S. Connie makes the BEST pumpkin rolls!

Check it out 👇🏼


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