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Teacher Feature: Ms. Hines

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Art Teaching For Days

Student Author: Alisha W.

Ms. Megan Hines, also known as the best art teacher ever, is currently the High School/Middle School Art teacher. She deals with over 100 different students each day. Being an Art teacher requires a lot of different skills, such as patience and kindness. She has to control students roaming around painting, making clay sculptures, and much more. She has proven herself to be the best with the students and that she loves her job just as much as she loves the students. I asked Ms. Hines what she liked most about teaching and she said, “When students discover that they really enjoy doing something or that they have success with doing their artwork, that makes them happy. It kind of that shows them that can do what they want to if they work towards it.”

Ms. Megan Hines has two children, one in middle school and one in elementary. Ms. Hines had Carleigh, her oldest, when she was in college. Ms. Hines said, “Having a kid at a younger age made me appreciate things a lot more, with having to raise her by myself and having to go to college with kids. I had a lot of responsibility in life, I think that helped me mature more at that age.” Tyler, her youngest child, is in elementary. She says, “He has the personality of someone who has lived a thousand lives; he is funny and makes me laugh every day.”

I asked Ms. Hines why she wanted to become an Art teacher and Ms. Hines’ response was: “I only really enjoyed my art classes in college and so when I transferred from a junior college to a university, it kind of just happened. And when I got in to the teacher programs and got to begin teaching every day, I knew that is what I wanted to do.” Ms. Hines is a great Art teacher, she knows how to connect with her students and get to know what their artistic abilities are and how the students can ameliorate those abilities.

When Ms. Hines was younger and in high school, she said she wouldn't really try things out (she wouldn't participate in clubs and sports) but when she got to college, she said she realized that she would not experience most things if she didn't try new things. With that being said, she is giving great advice to younger students and older students who are about to step out in to the world. She is reminding people how quickly life goes by and how if you don't try new things, you will never experience new things. “I try to do as many things as I can in life, I have been a lot more confident, and I don't worry about what other people think nearly as much,” says Ms. Hines.  

Ms. Hines has some unique hobbies that include off roading on four wheelers and any other off-roading vehicle. Her boyfriend and her go on trips together with their friends, go camping, and spend most of their time in the mud! She also enjoys art, “Anytime I have my school artwork done, at home, I like to spend time and greater my own portfolio.” She enjoys different kinds of art such as mixed media, incostic, etc.

The last question I asked Ms. Hines was: “Whenever a kid discovers that they are good at art or that they really like it, what is the feeling you get? Ms. Hines response was “[That] makes me feel that I have done my job well and that Art is more than just coloring pictures and that there is Art in everyday life, and everybody can find an aspect of Art that they can enjoy.” Ms. Hines, this is a shout out to you! You are the best Art teacher and you are so helpful to anyone who needs it, and we just want to thank you for everything.


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