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CRUSHES for Your Crush!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Student Author: Alisha W.

EDIT: Previously, this article stated that the cost for this fundraiser was $2, please note that the price has changed to $3. Thank you! Sorry for the confusion!

Surprise your crush with a little something special on Valentine’s Day! The FCCLA chapter is hosting a fundraiser that they host every year where they sell the soda brand Crush and two cookies for only $3.00! The Crush and cookies will be delivered on Valentine’s Day to your special someone! You can also write a little note for your someone on a heart as well. The note can be anonymous or you can let your crush know how much you actually like them!

The FCCLA chapter at our school is very active active group. All of the members are very active in the club as well; they are all very passionate about this club. Mrs. Lisa Stobbe is the advisor of the club and she has been the advisor for FCCLA for multiple years now.

Every year, the FCCLA club puts on a fundraiser that consists of selling crushes and cookies before the week of Valentine’s Day. They have been doing this fundraiser for 9 years now. The profits of the fundraiser go to the FCCLA club for the chapter to attend various leadership conferences including nationals, as well as funding our many community service projects! I asked Mrs. Lisa Stobbe why this was a fundraiser chosen, Mrs. Stobbe said, “It's an affordable option for students to treat their friends during Valentine's Day. Lunch was the easiest way to sell without infringing on class time.” So be on the lookout at lunch for when they are selling the cookies and crushes! Be sure to purchase yours for your crush!


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