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Putnam Gets Groovy for Courtwarming

Student Author: Vanessa B.

While some may still be whirling after the end of Christmas break and the start of club competition preparation, the approach of Courtwarming is coming quickly and shows no sign of stopping! The theme for Courtwarming this year is the 1970s. Courtwarming is scheduled for 6pm on Friday, January 25. Of course, there is no need for worry, but rather to be excited! Per usual, the candidates were selected by Putnam’s high school students. Of the chosen, queens are Whitney R., Alisha W., Guin A., Kendall I., and Hannah M. The selected kings are Dominic S., Jacob E., Cody P., Jordan M., and Kalab S.

Besides the reveal of king and queen, Courtwarming will also host games involving our varsity basketball teams versus Green City’s varsity teams. The Lady Midgets basketball game will start at 6pm and the Midgets Boys team will follow thereafter. Come to Putnam County high school and support our athletes and witness the crowning of the king and queen of our chosen candidates!

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