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Seniors 2021: Let's Make It A Good One!

Student Author: Kylie R.

Senior night is a night to represent the high schoolers who have finally made it after years of hard work and dedication. Seniors from the Putnam County softball team, football team, cheer team, color guard, and the band will be represented, as it is their last year doing what they love.

Softball senior night was September 12th, at 5pm against Scotland County! The Lady Midgets were so happy to see all of the blue and white in the stands.

Football, band, cheer, and color guard will be represented on Friday, September 18th, against the Trenton Bulldogs @ 7pm. The football players will be

recognized before the game and the band, color guard, and cheer team will be recognised at halftime. The weather on Friday is supposed to be 76 degrees, but make sure to bring a jacket so you can stay. Support all the seniors, as they are playing their heart out on the thing that they love the most!


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