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Livin' For Those Friday Night Lights/Cheering Our Way to the Championship

Student Author: Kaitlyn R.

It is a cool autumn night. You are sitting in the bleachers, watching the sunset over the football field. Everyone has been looking forward to the Friday Night Lights all week long and the time has finally come. The game is about to start and the teams are getting prepared for the opening kickoff. Someone begins the slow claps and the whole crowd joins in, waiting for the ball to be punted across the field. The crowd is anticipating a glorious Midget victory.

The whole town comes together on these nights to sit on the cold, hard bleachers to support our Midget football team. Something about those home football games really brings people together. The boys are out on the field playing their hearts out and hoping all of the months of hard work will pay off with a win at the end of the game. Whether the Midgets win or lose, the people of Putnam County love to come out and watch some Friday night football.


“First Place in the 1A Small Division, from Unionville Missouri: Putnam County!” These are the words that the Putnam County Midget cheerleaders have been waiting to hear ever since the day they found out they made the team. Sitting on the blue mats surrounded by all of the other teams hoping all of their hard work finally paid off. All of the countless hours spent at exhausting practices doing the same thing over and over again until it was perfect and running until they felt like they were going to pass out and then pushing the final pyramid. All of it would be worth it if they won.

It all comes down to that short amount of time out there on the mat. They only have one shot to hit the routine perfectly. The Putnam County Midget cheerleaders went out on the mat and made every second count. They overcame many different obstacles and still came out on top. At the end of the weekend, Putnam County took home two state championship titles and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.


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