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Saturday Mornings on the Square

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Putnam County on the Road to Prosperity

Student Author: Graycie R.

As the sun rises early every morning, so do vendors of the Unionville Market on the Square. Each Saturday morning from seven to eleven, the courtyard is filled with sounds of live music and conversation, as well as the scent of fresh flowers, baked goods, and coffee. Locals share their talents in baking, craftsmanship, gardening, and fashion with curious individuals within the community, and out of town.

Members on the Market board say, “We want to bring life back to Unionville. We want to make this town a destination spot again. Through renovation in areas of the town and fun events, such as the market, we think that this goal can become achievable.” Vendors have sparked conversation with individuals from Southern Missouri, Iowa, and states hours away, such as Texas; because of this and the lively atmosphere of the market, this event has become something to which many people look each weekend.

While this event has become enjoyable for the adult generations of Unionville, it is also a fun event for children and teenagers in the area. Many students at the high school have become vendors, selling artwork, drinks, baked goods, and advertising for their business outside of the Market. Riley R., a high school Art Honor student, says, “the Market has given me the opportunity to really focus on my artwork. It’s crazy to think that strangers have pieces of my work hanging in their homes. This opportunity has really opened a door for me.” Other students, just like Riley, have used this event as an opportunity to better themselves and learn the business side to each of their unique hobbies.

The first Saturday of each month is the biggest Market, buzzing with people. Locals sell homegrown produce, local honey, children’s books, and artwork; while others give horse-drawn carriage rides. As the Market on the Square comes to an end each Saturday, town members and visitors of Unionville leave with genuine smiles and with every purchase, conversation, and new experience, our small town is beginning to prosper again. Let us continue in joining our community together as we show others how amazing Putnam County can become.

Rhoades, G. 3 September 2018. "Putnam County on the Road to Prosperity". The Putnam Press.


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