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Meet the Marching Band

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Marching Band in 2018

Student Authors: Whitney R. and Niko E.

The marching band gathers every morning before school to start practicing. In order to perform their field show well, the students and coaches come to school at 7:30 am to eat breakfast and go to the practice field at 7:45 am. They usually stay outside marching continuously until it is 8:45 am. They go to the field regardless of rain or shine unless there’s lightning; otherwise, they work hard practicing music and setting drills. There were no lines on the practice field until Wednesday, the 30th. Nonetheless, the band still practiced; figuring out the drill without a guide on the ground.

This year, the association is practicing the drill a little differently than how they did last year. Not only do they have a new band director, Mrs. Booth, but she is having them learn the drill in this order: drill one, drill three, and drill two. The band has also been through changes other than the new director: last year's senior band members have graduated and new freshmen have joined. Some band members were given new instruments and responsibilities. There is also a new drum major, Chloe T.

Chloe spoke to us of her job as a drum major saying “there's a lot of thought that goes in to the actual form you're making and, you know, it's more of a leadership position than anything…Being drum major is definitely better; it’s more of a leadership than being an instrumental [precisionist] role.” And when she was asked about the upcoming competitions, she said, “I think that with the practice we’ve been putting in, that it will pay off and we’ll do okay.” We asked her about the new band director and she replied, “I love Mrs. Booth! She’s really sweet, she’s done a really good job to try and get everything in line and I've been really impressed with her timeliness.”

We also spoke to Mrs. Booth. When she was asked how she felt about teaching our band this year, she said, “I’m excited about it! I’m excited to be here.” We asked if she thought the band has improved and she responded: “I haven’t seen how our band was at the same point last year but, so far, I think we’ve improved a great deal since the first day of band camp.” When asked about the first field performance, she commented, “I was so proud of you guys! You know my favorite part was how the drill came together all of the pictures came together really good.” Her final statement is, “Marching band is awesome!”

Aside from all the changes they are going through, they are doing pretty well, and their hard work shows. They have only had about three weeks of practice together. Their first week together was during band camp (July 1- August 3) where they trained for the field show and marching music for four to six hours. On the first day of school, they had their first indoor show before the assembly and then they had a week and two days after school started before their first field performance. That morning it was raining, but they still went outside to practice. Next week, during the fair, they will be meeting before school even if they do not have Band on that day. They will be practicing on Friday when there is no school.

They try their best no matter what it is: practice, performance, or just warm up. Each of them will try their best for activities and academics other than the band. If they want a job, they will do their best to get one, and in their clubs.

Our final statement of the band is more of a prediction, because if the band keeps working as much as they do, and some more, they will do very well in competition.     

If you are ever interested in seeing our band perform, please come to the home football games or to any of their competitions. This year's theme is Chicago and the songs are called "Make Me Smile," "I'm a Man," and "Saturday Night in the Park/Wishing You Were Here."

Rowland, W. & Estrella, N. (2018, August 31). Marching Band in 2018. The Putnam Press.


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