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Clubs at Putnam

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Student Author: Alisha W.

At Putnam County R1 high school, there are multiple clubs and extracurricular events and activities available to the students! Multiple clubs have already started their processes of electing officers and getting events planned for the year. These students are very passionate about getting new people to join. All of the clubs here are very welcoming to incoming students! Some of the great clubs we have are:

  • DECA


  • FCA

  • FBLA

  • FFA

  • Interact

  • Journalism

  • Science Club

  • SADD

  • A+

  • Art Club

  • NAS

  • NHS

  • Drama

  • Yearbook

All of these clubs are associated with great people and great students. The clubs offer great experiences such as meeting new people and learning about our community and each other. These clubs like to get the whole community involved, and to bring the little town of Unionville together. Most of these clubs excell at that goal!

If you are a new student to Putnam County or even an incoming freshman who gets the chance to join one of these clubs, I advise you to take the offer! Being a member of aforementioned clubs looks great on college applications and it helps you to get active in your school!

Many of these clubs also offer competitions and leadership roles, such as DECA, FCCLA and more! Competing is not always for everyone, but it is a fun experience! The club DECA, ran by Danyel Fitzpatrick, is having their first round of competitions come up very quickly and kids are excited to sign up. So if you are interested in competing and learning more about marketing and entrepreneurship, try out DECA with Mrs. Fitzpatrick!

Lisa Stobbe is the advisor of the club FCCLA, which is a great club to be in if you like to be involved with the community. Just recently, Mrs. Stobbe worked with the officers of her club to throw a back to school/join FCCLA ice cream float party during activity period. Many of the students showed up ready for ice cream and ready to sign up for the club! All of the clubs our school offers are great and are a great way to learn more about yourself and others!

Wouters, A. 3 September 2018. "Clubs at Putnam". The Putnam Press.


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