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Lady Midget Softball

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Student Author: Riley R.

The Putnam County Lady Midgets don’t allow room for downtime when it comes to preparing for the fall season. Over the summer, they formed a league team and attended several softball camps to better themselves as a team and as individuals. This fall, Coach Aaron Fitzpatrick and Coach Katelyn Valentine will be joined by former Putnam County Lady Midget, Kennedy Childers, to help coach the 2018 season. This year's seniors consist of Riley R., Kendall I., and Guin A. The Lady Midgets have started their year off with a 2-1 record. As an annual fundraiser, the softball girls host a hit-a-ton. This is a great way for the community to see what the team has to offer for the coming season.

To practice being a good teammate, student, and friend the Lady Midgets start off their week with a promise or commitment they make to themselves and the team. This is called “My Promise Monday”. This is followed by “Tell The Truth Tuesday”. Tuesdays consist of various activities. So far, the Lady Midgets have written a letter addressed to softball, discussed three things that would hold them back as a team, and they have written down what they wish their coach knew about them. On Wednesday, the players discuss what they bring to the team. Coach Fitzpatrick says this activity is a great way for the players to reflect on themselves. “What Do You Bring Wednesday” is also a great way to have a meaningful group discussion amongst the players. On Thursday, the girls take time out of practice to share what they are thankful for and express their gratitude. The end of practice on Fridays is dedicated to story time with Coach Fitzpatrick, also known as “Fairy Tale Friday”. Coach Fitzpatrick shares a story about a moment when he learned a life lesson and he uses this time to pass this lesson on to the Lady Midgets.

As a varsity starter, freshman Claire T. is happy to see all of her hard work pay off to get where she is now. In the third game of the season, Claire hit an out-of-the-park homerun against pitcher Cady P. from The Milan Wildcats. Coach Kennedy Childers states she is happy to be back with the team and some of her former teammates. She loves watching the girls grow as a team and as individuals.

Rouse, R. 3 September 2018. "Lady Midget Softball". The Putnam Press.


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