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Play Fall Ball!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Student Author: Marissa M.

Typically on a warm and sunny spring day, you would find yourself sitting in the stands at a baseball game, cheering for a Midget victory. This year, you can enjoy baseball on a crisp, cool night with blankets and jackets. What is unique about baseball this year is that we will be enjoying it throughout the fall!

During spring baseball, you compete for a title to win a trophy for the school, but in fall baseball, every game is a non-conference game. This means that the baseball team can just have fun doing what they love to do while also enjoying the time they have with each other. If they lose, they don’t have to hang their head about it. In spring, the baseball team plays for a title, so they have to beat other teams to make their way to the top to get that 1st place title. They have to put in all the effort and a strong positive mindset to get where they want to be regardless, but this season should be extra fun to watch!

In an interview with Cooper S, a senior from Putnam County, he discusses that being a senior for baseball makes you feel in charge. He says you don’t have to worry about the little things anymore and just have fun. When asked what his favorite position was, he says, “I love to play middle infield because it feels natural to me. I love it when I throw the ball to first base or when I make a double play.” He also remarks that the biggest challenge is to keep playing the game even if the game isn’t in his team’s favor. You can look forward to Cooper and his team playing more games in the fall! Go Midgets!!


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