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How to Stop the Spread of Germs

Student Author: Stephanie S.


As many people in the community know, illness is rapidly spreading throughout Unionville. There have been cases of Influenza A and Influenza B within the Putnam County R-1 school district, making now the best time to be proactive and practice skills that will help to protect you from becoming sick.

The first and main way for you and your loved ones to stay healthy is to wash your hands. While doing this, you need to make sure you’re using warm water and antibacterial hand soap. One key factor in hand washing is to scrub really well around your fingernails. Many germs live and thrive under and around the nails.

The next step you can take in prevention is covering your mouth and nose area during coughs and/or sneezes with a strong tissue or the crease of your elbow. Another thing you can do is to keep your hands away from your face as your hands carry many germs and you don’t want them to get near your mouth or nasal passages, as this is one of the easiest ways for you to become sick. 

Everyone’s main goal is to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and healthy. By doing these few things, we have a better chance at this. While we want to keep ourselves healthy, one of the best things you can do is to stay home or away from others of you are feeling sick. We value education at PCR-1 but we also value our safety and health.

Thank you for helping protect our students, faculty, and community members by practicing cleanliness and we hope everyone stays healthy!


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