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Elementary Art Club

Student Author: Miranda F.

Tammy Dooley is the person who is in charge of the elementary art club. She is the elementary Art teacher and she put together a group of kids who wanted to be in Art Club. She has sponsored the elementary Art Club for four years now. A student named Shaylea asked her if she would consider starting one about four years ago.

She currently has about twenty-eight students who attend her Art Club. They do a lot of fun little things at the meetings: they play Art games and make small artworks. The students care very much about their club. They have meetings once a week on Tuesdays. They get to show people how creative they are.

Mrs. Dooley has put a lot of effort into her club and it shows. The students make neat stuff and they put on the occasional art show. She lets her students show their creativity and lets them show it off to everyone.


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