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FBLA Making A Comeback

Student Author: Alisha W.

The Putnam County R1 FBLA chapter is reviving itself once again! The president, Chloe Tipton, and Vice President, Jacob Estrella, are working diligently with their advisor, Mrs. Kerry Schoonover, to not only implement our FBLA chapter again for the first time after two years, but also to improve the FBLA chapter. The club is hosting events such as an elementary school dance, activities during halftime at basketball games working with Duvall Roeder Gardner Insurance Company, and many other exciting events. Starting at the beginning of second semester, the FBLA club will be hard at work with competition for FBLA Districts as well. The club is very dedicated to their work and strive to make the best out of the club and the students involved.

The elementary dance that the FBLA chapter hosted was held on Saturday, December 15. Parents were excited to have the time of their lives with the little kiddos! There was dancing and enjoyment this wonderful time with friends, family, and children.

FBLA is an important club for schools to have so students who plan to be future business leaders have an opportunity to look into their plan more in depth. Business is a very popular college major to this day, but going into this field, people might not be as prepared as they could be. Being involved with your local FBLA chapter will help out a student tremendously. Whether a person wants to go in to credit managers or treasures, these business careers are responsible for keeping an organized monetary affair healthy. A business leader comes with a lot of responsibility, respect, and drive. I, out of many people, believe in the members of our FBLA chapter to become the greatest business leaders out there. Our FBLA members will be successful role models for our school, our community, and people all around!


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