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Community Corner: Angela Beals

Student Author: Kaylynn H.

Angela Beals is the Director of Nurses at the Putnam County Care Center and has been employed there for over 4 years.

Angela is married to Justin Beals whom she has been married to for 14 years. Together they have four children, three of them attending school at Putnam County. Bradyn (16), Kennedee (14), Maddison (12), and Rowdy (5). Growing up, Angela lived on a farm, south of Cincinnati, IA and attended school in Centerville, IA. After high school, Angela attended college at Indian Hills in Centerville, IA earning her Administrative Assistant Diploma to work for the family farm with her parents, keeping up on the book work. She later went back to college at Indian Hills in Centerville, IA to obtain her Associate’s Degree in Nursing. 

Angela gets a great satisfaction knowing that she can help people every day and treat them in ways that others can’t.  Susie Poland was a great inspiration to Angela. Growing up with Susie as her aunt, she found a role model very quickly. 

Outside of nursing and working at the Care Center, Angela enjoys spending time with her family and going to her children’s activities. She enjoys going out on the boat during the summer months and being on the farm. 

When Angela was asked where she saw herself in five years, she responded that she will still be here working at the care center, she also says that the residents here are her family and caring for elderly is a passion to her, not just a job. Thank you for all you do!


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