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Be The Brick

Student Author: Cooper S.

“Be the brick!” is what the crowd hears as the softball Lady Midgets get ready for their game. While conducting an interview with Marissa M., a senior softball player, I asked “What part of softball separates it from all of the other sports?” She responded with, “ I really think it’s about the family aspect of it and that all of us are so close to each other through and through. I wouldn’t want to play with any other girls.” She also mentioned that their biggest rival this year would have to be Trenton, but with playing and beating them, already it shows that not much can stop the brick. She did mention that their biggest challenge this year would be to keep their heads up if the scores or morale is low and to keep a positive attitude throughout the season.

When I asked Marissa what makes her senior year different from the years past, she responded with, “ I hustle as hard I can and do the best I can because I have no idea when my season might leave me.” While I was at the hit-a-thon, I thought to myself as the softball girls cheer each other on as they hit away: their family is so real. They truly are all bricks that make up a brick wall together and a force to reckon with. I believe they will do great and have a successful season to look back on. Be on the watch for their games! Senior night is Monday the 14th of September, so catch you there wearing blue and cheering away!


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