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3 Ways to Help Your Community

Student Author: Makenna W.

Have you ever felt like you needed help from others? Or maybe you feel like others would appreciate your help? This may be a sign that you need to get involved with your community. Here are some ways to help out your community, so they can help you. 

Start On The Little Things 

Start by making a plan of what you are interested in. Do you want to do things for your neighbors and small families? Do you want to do things for the whole town and bigger families? You could always start small and then progress to something bigger. Small things may be to go on a walk/run and pick up trash along the way. Or, maybe you can rake leaves for your neighbors. When you get used to the things you are doing, or like them a lot, you can move on to bigger things. You could offer to babysit or dogsit for someone, shovel snow in the winter, or volunteer to help the elders. 


Find organizations you could donate to and benefit people. You could get a group of people together and accept donations to the Red Cross. Or, take your old clothes and give them to your local thrift store. Try to get people to donate the old things they don’t want or auction them off for cancer research. Collect unused makeup, perfume, and things women would love for a abused women's shelter. Find ways to give back to people for no-self profit. 

Help Out The School 

You could offer to tutor children at the school. Or, make baby blankets and hats for babies in the hospital. You could organize games or a little carnival for the elementary kids at the school. Maybe everyone can give mittens and hats for the kids who don’t have them. The class that gives the most, will get an ice cream party. Volunteer to coach a rec league for the young kids. 

Try to get involved with your community and be someone who loves to help out!


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