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The Fun Day at Districts

Student Author: Niko E.

The day started early for the three of us. Mrs. Booth, Emily D., and I met at the school. We left for Moberly, MO, which is where districts was being held, at 6 am. It was a long drive full of talking and listening to music. We eventually arrived at Moberly at 7:30 am. But before going to the school, we went to Casey's for breakfast.

Registration started at around 8 am, but we did not get to the school until 8:06 am, but we did get Emily registered. We walked to a gym where everyone competing was warming up, Emily started to get ready and I helped every way I could. I did not compete, so I had no warming up to do. It was very loud in that room, for all the kids competing had to get ready.

Emily got signed up to wait to be judged on her scales then her etudes, the song parts she had to play. After she was assigned her number, I knew it would be a long, stressful wait for her. She kept worrying about fingering, hitting the finger placements but not blowing air into it so no sound is made through the songs and scales. As time went on, she talked with some of her friends. Then, her number was called at 10:20 am, and she went to do her scales, but right after she went in, her number was called at the etudes. So we had to tell them that she just went in to the scales. Then she went into the etudes at 10:25 am. At around 10:30 am, she was done with it for now.

We went to a Subway and had an interesting lunch. We joked and talked, it was a lot of fun. We ended up leaving back to the school around 12:45 pm, even though we finished eating twenty minutes before departure.

When all was said and done, all of Emily's hard word had paid off. Emily made it to the 7th chair of the clarinet section in the top band! She was set to practice with the top band due to her ranking. After a long day and some great successes, we made it home around 6pm. It was a crazy day and was filled with both fun and stress but it was all worth it! Congratulations to Emily D,!


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