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Teacher Feature: Ms. Debbie Mallette

Student Author: Jacob E.

Ms. Mallette is a high school math teacher at Putnam County R-1 Schools. She is such a determined and hard worker. There is no denying that Ms. Mallette is very committed to making sure her students get the very best education that she can provide. Early mornings at the school, in-class help during school, and even tutoring sessions after school; she is determined that they succeed. She is such a humble and appreciative woman. When informing Ms. Mallette about my writing about her, she looked at me and said “Are you really, out of all the teachers in our school choosing me? I guess your article is going to be a pretty boring one because there isn’t much that is interesting about me”. It is these answers that really show you just how humble she is. She puts others before herself and is such a delight to be around. I think that she was wrong about her being “boring”. My favorite story of Ms. Mallette’s is about her cat. She told our class one time that her cat ate a students homework one time. She knows how to have fun, while also learning. Keep up the great work!


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