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The BIG...BAD...Musical

Student Author: Maddie H.

The 2019 high school play was a huge success! This year's play, The Big Bad Musical, was a wickedly funny and pleasurable play for the whole family. 

This play takes place in the enchanted forest courtroom. Mr. Wise Old Man presided over the case and the jury, the audience, had to decide if Mr. Big Bad Wolf was innocent or guilty. On Saturday night, they found the defendant guilty and on Sunday afternoon, he was found innocent.

Throughout the course of the play, many well-known storybook characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, testified against Mr. Wolf and gave their version on how they encountered him. As each character comes up, we learn more details about their story and how it isn’t exactly as we once heard as children. 

Even though Mr. Wolf has a lot going against him, his defense is strong. He begins with the background of his life, giving his version of these stories and then a song with his wolfettes as backup dancers. The audience soon learns that Mr. Wolf did in fact do these horrible things, but he’s “so, so sorry!” His final plead: “Have mercy on me!” 

Ms. Evil StepMother, Mr. Wolf’s pro-bono lawyer, shows up late and really doesn’t even want to be there, as she has a facial at 5 pm, but soon learns herself that he isn’t that bad of a guy and they can actually make a great case for themselves. 

On the side of the prosecution, Ms. Godmother defends Little Red Riding Hood, and her grandmother...Hood….Mrs. Grandmother? Their sides of the story are strong and with all the wronged characters by their side, it’s even stronger. 

The clash of both snarky lawyers and the rest of these amazing characters  brought forth lots of laughter from the crowd. If you couldn’t make it this year, make sure to stop by and watch next year’s play!

The promotional video for the play:


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