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NextEra Assembly at PCHS

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Student Author: Alisha W.

On October 10th, a band called NextEra performed for all ages at our school. This band consisted of three members, all being teenagers, two of which recently graduated. They shared a valuable lesson with all of the students about purpose and value. They used their talents of music making and singing to speak to us about how we can think of ourselves more efficiently. The message they delivered was very outspoken and original.

The band members are from different states, but managed to find each other and make their inspirational/motivational band. These three teenagers travel from place to place to tell their stories about how they were once hurt and how they overcame that difficult time and realized that they were worth more than they thought. After the holidays, NextEra plans to travel to California to share their message with schools and churches there. They are telling their stories and changing lives with their voices one state at a time.

It would be hard to get in front of a bunch of students, especially high school students who are the same age. With all of that pressure, they still made sure to give an outstanding show. They made sure to get their point across, but made sure to do that in a very inspiring way. Most teenagers understand music better than anything. So with this message and the way they presented it, I believe it touched with a lot of students.

The assembly was like none of the others. It was heart-touching and inspiring. The school hopes that the students here at our high school get the motivation to speak up and say what they need to say. Also to know that they do matter, that they have value, and that they have purpose.


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