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Student Author: Cooper S.

Briggs is the high school baseball team manager. He is loved by anyone who ever meets him. Briggs has always been a great example of what mindset you should have when at a baseball game. He is always ready to go and thrilled when it is his time to shine. As a teammate and friend, I can say that Briggs is a great kid to have on the team.

As a player on the Putnam County baseball team, I can say without a doubt that Briggs is the heart of our baseball team. His excitement alone is perfect to have on our team. “Briggs” as we call him is always ready for a foul ball to fly towards his way so he can race to the scene. When asked how many foul balls he fetched over the season he said, “Oh, about 100.” With that being said, Briggs has always loved racing his slow competition to the ball so he can claim his prize. Briggs even said that before a game, he gets the most excited about the foul balls so this job is made for him. Briggs even turns his hat around to be as aerodynamic as possible when chasing after foul balls.

Briggs even plans to be all-state manager once again and defend his title. Although Briggs believes his biggest competition could be Milan or Scotland, only time will tell if Briggs will be able to reclaim the all-state manager title. His confidence is unmatched and rightfully so when he can easily find foul balls like it's nobody's business. Briggs has confidence in the baseball team as well. When I asked him how far do you think we will go, Briggs answered with, “all state.” Hopefully, Briggs is correct. Briggs’s record of most foul balls caught in a game is currently at twenty baseballs. He also keeps breaking his record so who knows what it will be by the end of the season.

Briggs loves the atmosphere of the games and practices. He enjoys himself the most when he is talking amongst the team and listening to “Country Boy Can Survive” while we warm up by stretching and throwing. Briggs’ favorite coach without hesitation is Coach Robinson. When it comes to which player he finds the funniest Briggs would have to say it is Cole. Even with his favorites, Briggs enjoys the whole team and staff with a smile. No matter how cold or warm the weather might be, Briggs is always ready for a foul ball.

If you would like to see Briggs in action we have plenty of games left for you to witness. Our last home games are April 20th and 30th with May 7th being our senior night game against Brashear. Briggs loves to hear the crowd cheer on his Midget teammates so make sure to stop by and see what our program is all about. The bigger the crowd the better we perform on the field and the more fun we have with each other.


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