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Mr. and Miss Putnam County

Student Co-authors: Shaylee V. and Mason P.

The return of Mr. and Miss Putnam County will take place on February 27, 2020 put on by PCHS Journalism. There will be two nominees from each grade (one male and one female). Students will be selected based on merit and their qualities for being a good role model and leader at our school. Each student has the opportunity to apply, with a short application and essay. We hope to showcase students who others look up to and who bring happiness to others every day.

This event will take place during THRIVE time for students. During that time, we will introduce our candidates in their formal wear and students will be able to vote during and after the event is held. All voting will be done in the form of any monetary donation toward that nominee (cash, check, or change from the piggy bank). This money will go toward the Journalism club. 


At 6 pm that night, we will begin with an introduction of our candidates, where each candidate will be introduced along with the activities that they are involved in and who their parents are. During the introduction, each candidate will showcase their formal wear. Following this will be a showcase of the nominees’ talents, from singing to cooking; you may never know what will happen! 


Last but not least we will interview each candidate. After a brief intervention the official crowning of the candidates will take place. So please come out and watch us crown our Mr. and Miss Putnam County, or you could even have a chance to be Mr. or Miss Putnam County.



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