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Art Class Lends a Helping Hand through a Thoughtful Project

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Student Author: Jonnie B.

Coming back from Christmas break, the Australian fires were the talk of the school. They were mentioned a lot in many classes and Ms. Hines came across an amazing idea. In Advanced Art, one of the targets this semester is working with fiber. She gave the students a choice of making the needed and helpful supplies for all the animals affected by the Australian fires or making other mixed media fiber projects.

The class is making a variety of joey pouches, bird and rodent nests, bat wraps, hanging pouches, and more. Ms. Hines got the idea from a Facebook group started by others wanting to help donate to the fires. She thought, why not incorporate this project into classes to help the cause for poor animals? The Facebook page has all the items needed and the directions and patterns to make them. Anyone can help the animals and join the group to be a part of the organization.

The Facebook animal rescue group link is

The link for the project patterns is

Here is an updated list on the needed supplies:

The students have been working very hard this semester for such a good cause, here's some pictures of projects so far:

Katy S. with her project

Maddy P. showing off her work


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