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Ludlow’s Steakhouse Review

Student Author: Tessa G.

Ludlow’s is located in Corydon, Iowa. As soon as you walk through the door they greet you with a warm welcome. The walls give a cool/warm feeling with the grey and black walls, giving the vibe of a hometown diner. The waiters make you feel welcomed and seat you where you request. There is not much of a wait time, and the waiters empathize with the frustration of waiting to be seated. Warm voices and small-town slang echoes in the background, putting you completely to ease. As you are seated, you are asked what beverage you would like to have and so on. The drinks are fresh and never stale. They make sure you are satisfied with the service you are given and are always willing to change things to make your dining experience better. After the beverages, they give extra time to make your food choices. The food arrives not too soon and not too late, and I was able to enjoy my meal in the perfect amount of time to converse with my friends and family. The food was, above all else, the best thing I experienced in the humble restaurant. Of course, I tested the restaurant's namesake by ordering a steak and a baked potato. The steak was done just to my request and I was provided the perfect amount of condiments and toppings for my meal. Overall, a great establishment, and I recommend it to anyone who is craving a nice meal in a comfy environment.


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