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Disney Pixar's Soul: A Movie Review

Student Author: Emma D.

The new Disney movie Soul is about Joe Garner and his dream to become a professional jazz player. He was a middle school band teacher when Joe gets his chance to play piano at a jazz place, only to face an unexpected obstacle. Soul is a good movie for children and families to watch for a movie night. This movie is funny and teaches you things about life that you may not have known before, and may make you a better person. I like this movie because I think it is clever, very creative, and memorable.

Soul is about Joe not being ready to accept the fact that he was so close to his dream but didn't make it, and him desperately trying to get his chance back. Parts of this movie are more sad than I would like, but I think the creators did very well and captured real life finely for an animated movie. I liked this movie because it portrayed music very well and the music in the movie is full of emotion and creativity. Soul is a wonderful name for the movie because the main character would get so involved in his music. He would just get lost in it, to the point you could feel that it was him, that the music couldn't be made by anyone else because it was him. I highly recommend this movie.


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