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Living the Motel Life

Student Author: Marissa M.

The Milan Motel is a great place to stay, with rooms that are always clean and maids who are friendly and amiable. It has been around for a long time and it is run by Sheryl and Doug who are the main business people that run the motel. Running the motel isn’t that hard for them since they have worked there their entire lives; if you know how to control money and manage business, then you will do perfectly in that part. The motel is in Milan, Missouri on Highway 5 to your right (depending on what side of the road you’re driving on). It has been in business for a while now because the building is older, but everything still looks nice and taken care of. Sheryl is always inside the office and her husband Doug is always working in the apartment or outside working on his truck. Their granddaughter Bree also helps run the business in order to help her grandparents out. They hired me as a maid every weekend since they already have a maid named Becky who does the laundry and cleans the other rooms during the week.

While working on the weekends, I ask the customers if they need new towels or need their trash taken out, and I clean the rooms that are checked-out, as well as manage remaining laundry from the week. We all work long hour shifts throughout night and day, but we all take separate breaks and hours. It is a great place to work and an even better place to stay!


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