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Kids These Days

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Teacher Author: Mrs. Nancy Owings

I wish I had a quarter for every time I hear someone question how I can handle the antics of teenagers all day long. “Kids These Days” are words most common. (Words I believe I heard a couple of decades ago.) It makes me chuckle because I truly believe “teenagers” are a steady constant in life. They are vibrant and ornery, exhilarating and frustrating, much like all of us were as high schoolers! Thank goodness my generation did not have technology to broadcast my numerous shortcomings. Yes, there will always be a few works in progress, but when one is blessed to enter the closed doors of the high school, you find young adults who help you with the door, know the effects of manual labor, and juggle multiple responsibilities.

This year does not seem different from previous years…because it is not. Arriving to school with my hands full, there is often times a kind young soul holding the entry door or offering to carry something or helping unlock my classroom door. Strolling into the building alongside me is often the responsible older brother or sister helping younger siblings with school bags, lunch boxes, and all the extra layers essential for recess this time of year. It is a precious sight to witness, along with hearing all the reminders of where to meet and what is going on after school as siblings from multiple buildings plan for the mass exodus.

The hallway outside my door quickly fills up with boots, sweatshirts and work coats for those heading to the great outdoors to perform various types of manual labor as soon as their class schedules are finished. Hy-Vee uniforms hang off hooks waiting for a quick change after the last bell. I am personally thankful for those with the patience and compassion of Job who head off to the Care Center. This does not include the individuals who drive to Centerville or Kirksville for employment. So many of our students pay for their own vehicles, insurance, phones, and college classes.

These young adults maintain their class loads, work 20-30 hour jobs, and many manage to pencil in their favorite activities while juggling their hectic schedules. Last year’s play was the largest cast in many years, which was no small feat with twenty plus schedules! Advertising class has pulled off AWESOME events for the community because of responsible young adults. FBLA is in full swing. Interact is supporting many community endeavors. FFA is continually working. Building Trades is continually building. Sporting events, community events, extra-curricular activities, the list goes on and on. All attributed to the work ethic of our teenagers. (Thank you, parents, for instilling that quality.)

Adulting is never easy. Everyone has a bad day occasionally. Like all of us, our teenagers may stumble through a “rough” day, but virtually all of our aspiring adults have huge hearts. Like all of us, they have to fall down to learn to pick themselves up. They are normal, growing, maturing individuals. If you stop and take an honest gander down memory lane, I bet it will bring a smile.

Never a dull moment. Always something new.

They are like each of us; when we were just being “kids these days.”


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