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Homecoming is Going to “Rock!”

Student Author: Alexia M.

Ever since last year, when the planning for Homecoming commenced, many people have taken their own time to make sure this year’s theme of 50’s Rock N’ Roll is a blast! We have an amazing team working on all aspects of Homecoming. The cheerleaders and Mrs. Stobbe have planned the dress-up days from September 30th through October 4th, so make sure to dress up and show your school spirit. The cheerleaders have been working hard to plan the Homecoming assembly as well. Mrs. Klinginsmith has also put in much of her time to make arrangements for the Homecoming parade, so come help decorate your class’s float to make it look stunning!

Student Council has picked a great theme and also planned a spectacular dance on October 4th after the Homecoming game, from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm! Make sure you have your fines and fees below $50 and have no Ds or Fs to be able to enjoy the dance. Don’t forget to vote for Homecoming Queen and King! Your candidates are Kori H. escorted by Jorge L., Graycie R. escorted by Torqe B., Shay T. and Gavin M., Daysha C. and Cody C., and finally, Lainie C. and Marcus F.

While talking with Mrs. Stobbe, who has been planning Homecoming for ten years now, new information has come to light about this exciting time of celebration and school spirit! The Homecoming game is scheduled for Friday, October 4th and will feature a great game between the Putnam County Midgets and the Princeton Tigers starting at 7 pm. Be sure to come to the game to support your school and be involved! The beginning of the new school year is the perfect time for you to find things that you are interested in participating in. Why not help decorate your class’s parade floats, dress up, support your school, and participate? This is the perfect time to do so, even if you haven’t in previous years!

If you are thinking, Why should I dress up when we did that already in middle school or last year? The honest answer is that this year is a new year, a new you! Why shouldn’t you show school spirit when these are the only years of high school you will ever have? So dress up, support your fellow classmates, and don’t forget to have fun!

For those of you who have never been to Homecoming before, here are some things that you should know. Anyone and everyone from Putnam County can and should participate because you never know if you don’t like something until you try it!

You don’t have to bring someone to the dance to have a good time, you can go with a group of friends or just being involved will make your high school years more memorable. There are many ways for you to get involved and to talk to people you never thought you would. For example, going to the football game will allow you to meet new people who enjoy the same things as you. Working on the parade float or supporting the football boys will show that you care about the work that they are putting in and allows you to put in some work yourself to make your Homecoming amazing for everyone!


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