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Cultivating the Future

Student Author: Vanessa B.

When you wake in the morning, what do you smell? Maybe you smell a hot breakfast or coffee, but if you live outside of town, you smell the unfortunate scent of hog manure. Whether you like it or not, Putnam County is undoubtedly farm country. No matter where you turn, there is a pasture or farm, big or small, with a garden or livestock. Many adults and students in the county are in some agricultural occupation. As so, it is no surprise that one of our school’s biggest clubs is Future Farmers of America (FFA). FFA covers a wide range of agricultural occupations and aspects other than farming, such as mechanics and factory work. With many people and ranges it covers, it is no surprise that there are fundraisers and even a convention for aspiring agriculturalists.

Being in FFA is more than just saying you’re a farmer and learning about plants. It is the exploration of many agricultural fields with hands-on learning and club activities. People can compete in several competitions such as public or extemporaneous speaking and testing. There are also competitions in cattle judging, trap shooting, and testing in soils. These all allow for students to show and practice their knowledge in Ag. 

Last week, the fundraiser for our Putnam County FFA Chapter started. Items for purchase include fruit, Western’s meat sticks, candy, and even cheesecake. The fundraiser is one of our chapter’s biggest money makers. The money gained by the sales goes into competitions and other chapter events like banquets and the summer picnic. In addition to bringing money to the chapter, the fundraiser also allows the members to go on a field trip every year. Some places the members have been to are the Mark Twain Caves and Arrowhead Stadium, as well as other great agricultural areas in Missouri. 

Not many school clubs allow for members to go to a concert and meet famous people but the FFA chapter is an exception. This year, some key members are headed to the FFA National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The convention begins October 30th and lasts until November 2nd. This event has a concert, singing contests, motivational speakers, an awards ceremony of FFA members from across the world and even a tour at the Indianapolis zoo. Still there are more exciting things that happen at the convention, which the officer team and a few others will get to enjoy this year.

Agriculture is big in this community, so it is important to use that to inspire and help those organizations that contribute to agriculture. If you are an aggie at heart, feel free to ask about the fundraiser and donate to the experience of agriculture!


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