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October's Movie of the Month

Student Author: Miranda F.

As the weather gets colder and the nights come sooner, chances are you are wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and looking for a fun way to pass the time. While you are procrastinating on some work, you should watch a movie that fits the mood of the spooky season. Our recommendation: Halloween Town. It is a series of movies where a mom hides the fact that herself and her children are witches. The grandma visits them every year on Halloween, traveling from her home in a place called Halloween Town. All the make-believe creatures live in this place. The teenage girl in the movie is rebellious and just wants to know who she is and why her mom is hiding things from her and siblings. The teenage girl loves her grandma and follows her back to her home in Halloween Town. 

This is a great movie to watch with family and friends! It can get you into the spirit of Halloween without being overly scary, especially if you have younger kids or siblings.


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