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100 Happy Days: A Positivity Project

Student Author: Emily D.

One hundred days may seem like a project that you likely do not have time for. However, what if this project could act as a benefit you did not know you needed? I challenge you to find the silver lining in each day for one hundred days straight. This does not mean one should expect smooth sailing. Trials and challenges will still come and go, but the purpose of this project is to learn to always find the silver lining. This project encourages people to find at least one good piece of every day. Even though it is sometimes difficult to remember, the clouds will always uncover the sun eventually.

I implore you to adopt this project because it has helped me in many ways. At the close of each evening, I recall my day and record the parts that made me smile or feel good. Looking back on the lists, I realize that there are so many moments of happiness I may have taken for granted.  These moments, no matter how small, have the power to minimize the emotional toil from the difficult times. Unfortunately, one bad moment can sometimes ruin an entire day. However, my goal with the 100 Happy Days Project is to remember how much I have to be grateful for and never lose the will to smile. I sincerely hope this project will spread as much happiness to others as I have found in it. Here is to, not one hundred, but three hundred sixty-five happy days!


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