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The Luck of a Four Leaf Clover

Student Author: Mason P.

A while back, in the great land of Ireland, the four leaf clover was introduced as a legendary sign with tremendous amounts of luck. If you are lucky enough to find a four leaf clover, you may see some future good luck ahead of you. They include faith, hope, love, and success.

Clovers originate from old legends that have eventually passed on throughout time in the Garden of Eden, Eve carries a four leaf clover from the Garden of Eden. Four leaf clovers are Celtic charms that offer magical protection once one is found (Rowles). However, be careful because some clovers are fake and not real; be sure to get all of the real stuff. If you find a real four leaf clover, you will be able to see that the 4th leaf is smaller than the others.

While finding a four leaf clover, there are some tips to follow. First, look for multiple clovers together, they are usually found buried in a patch of clovers. Most of the time clovers are found in shady, dry areas surrounded by trees and bushes. If you happen to find a four leaf clover, keep looking in the same patch because it is likely that there is another one hidden there! Today the chance of finding a clover is 1 in 10,000 3 leaf clovers.

The four leaf clover is also known as a shamrock. According to Irish beliefs, the superstition stems from priests who used the shamrock for healing the sick, in worship rituals, and to ward off evil. Before this, St. Patrick had found the three-leaf clover to be an extraordinary plant (Wollan).

Overall, be sure to keep an eye out for a four leaf clover, you never know where luck could be!

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