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Putnam’s Proposition 2 Promises to Improve School

Student Author: Logan W.

Proposition 2 promises to greatly improve the school if accepted, but is it worth it? The 2 million dollar no tax-increase bond will not create a rise in taxes; instead it will keep it at $0.39 for 5 more years, changing the pay-off date from 2036 to 2042. The majority of the money will be used to upgrade the school building’s facilities. The question of whether it should be passed is up to citizens of Putnam County to decide.

Proposition 2 offers to bring many changes to the school’s facilities. “It will find the roof over large parts of the school replaced and the will come with a 20-year warranty,” says superintendent, Dr. Halley. “All the lighting in the school will also be replaced with energy efficient led bulbs where they can be applied. Heating and air conditioning ventilation units will also be replaced if the proposition is accepted. The exterior doors would also be replaced with more thermally broken doors with insulation”.

Along with the much needed changes to the school facilities, there will also be change to the facilities for our schools sports teams. For football, a new synthetic turf will replace the teams field and the old press box will be demolished and replaced with a new one with an understructure with two landings and electrical hook ups. The track will gain a new High Jump d-zone along with a drainage system for the track. The Baseball field would be redone, the lights would be replaced with energy efficient LEDs, and the dugouts would be upgraded. The softball field would receive many of the same changes along with the underground dugout being destroyed in exchange for an up-to-grade replacement. Basketball would be enhanced with a refinished floor and electronic scoreboard (Halley).

While this sounds great to students and parents, one might wonder what the appeal to an average citizen would be. Best said by Dr. Halley: “a strong school makes a strong community, and property values are proven to be higher in a stronger community. If this Proposition doesn’t get passed, there will still be changes that need to be made, but will have to be made out of the school’s day-to-day operating budget”.

Be sure to vote on Proposition 2 starting April 6, 2021 beginning at 6 pm to 7 pm. Come together with the community to decide if we are willing to give the school a two million dollar bond. Your opinion matters, and will be able to be expressed on that night.



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