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Fall-O-Ween Festival Coming to Unionville

Student Author: Shaylea V.

Are you excited for Halloween but scared about all the risks of going out and trick-or-treating? Well, Dr. Sarah Triplett has thought of the perfect way for you and your family to still get your fix of chocolate and sweets: Fall-O-Ween Festival! 

In an interview with Dr. Triplett, she explains her reason for creating the Fall-O-Ween Festival: “My sister, Brianna Stamm, and I thought it would be neat to bring something fun to the community for Fall...Unionville had a Halloween parade years ago, and with all the craziness going on in today’s world with the Coronavirus, we wanted a safe place where kids could still trick-or-treat and people wouldn't have the fear of opening their homes to the public.” 

The Fall-O-Ween Festival will be held on The Unionville Square, a very easy access for everyone! The Fall-O-Ween festival is taking place Saturday, October 31 from 11:00AM-1:00PM a time that is not too late for the littler kids. All ages can come, Dr. Triplett says, “The more the better.” 

The Fall-O-Ween Festival will have games and activities with the opportunity to win fun prizes and they will also be having prizes given out. If you find yourself running low on funds or enthusiasm this year, Triplett is as excited to bring opportunities to win some great things, “We are giving away cash prizes and trophies!”

Costume Contest Trophies: 

  • Individual (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

  • Scariest costume

  • Most creative

  • Family costume

Grooming by Dina Miller will supply prizes for the dog costume contest. Pie baking contest and pumpkin carving contest will receive trophies for top three contestants. They will then have a “Best Trunk” award for the most exciting and best decorated car trunk . All proceeds/donations will go to the Historical Society and the Historic District in Unionville, MO.

Fall-O-Ween Festival is going to be a blast for anyone who attends and I definitely think that as many people should go for a fun time with friends and to get together with our small but close community!


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