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Creativity at Putnam County High

Student Author: Jacob E.

The creative juices are in full swing at Putnam County High School. Ms. Hines has done an amazing job with her students and their art case really shows it! From computer photoshopping photos, to painting and drawing, the High School Art Department explores all types of media when it comes to creating unique pieces.

The Art Department students aren’t the only ones showcasing creativity. The Choir and Band are in full “swing” and are ready to “rock ‘n roll”. Under the direction of Mrs. Booth, new to Putnam, these students have been working hard. Even the "unofficial-official" after-school Glee Choir has been gathering on Wednesdays. Here at PC High, we really love involvement.

Speaking of involvement, we shouldn’t neglect the Drama department. Do you believe in fairies? I sure hope so, because they “ARRR” real, mateys! Peter Pan is coming to the stage on November 2nd and 3rd. Be sure to go and support the local arts. These children, with much appreciated help from Miss Errante, are working hard to put together a very enjoyable play.

No play, you say? That is how Mrs. Fitzpatrick and her Advertising class feel as well. They are constantly at work planning fun events for the community. They just completed Fall Festival and their Breakout Room. They are working closely with the City of Unionville this year, hoping to combine efforts and make awesome events that bring in a lot of involvement. Be prepared for Winter Fest, making its way in December, and the annual Craft and Vendor Show!


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