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Valentine's Day Kindness

Student Author: Emily D.


Everyone’s burning Valentine’s Day question is: How can I make my Valentine’s Day sweeter without the extra chocolate? A kind gesture is always the way to go to brighten the holiday for you and your loved ones! Though it means putting forth extra effort, an act of kindness holds much meaning. Plus, the person impacted by the act may feel inspired to spread a little kindness too. If you’re at a loss for ideas, don’t worry! Here are ten fun ideas to try out to sweeten up the day:

  • Call a family member and remind them of your appreciation

  • Clean the sidewalk for your neighbor or a family member

  • Do an extra chore without being asked

  • Find opportunities to give compliments

  • Make gift bags for your friends

  • Make someone breakfast

  • Make an effort to say “please,” “thank you,” and/or “have a nice day”

  • Open the door for someone

  • Take someone out to dinner

  • Write someone a positive or encouraging note


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