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Teacher Feature: Miss Savannah Ruby

Student Author: Amanda A.

Miss Savannah Ruby has been a teacher at Putnam County for 3 years. She is from Greenfield, IA, which is a small town a lot like Unionville. It is very farm-oriented and you know everyone you see wherever you go. She wanted to go to college to be an elementary teacher while she was in high school but realized that if she had to work with little kids all day (wiping noses, picking up after them, etc.) that she would never want children of her own. Growing up, her family always had 4 or more dogs, which were farm dogs but slept inside.

Matt Hydorn, Bo, and Savannah Ruby

After deciding not to do elementary education, she decided she still wanted to teach. Her college professor and her English teachers growing up influenced her and made English fun for her. She says that “English is a great way to express yourself when you write. You can get lost in a book when you’re reading.”

When asked what she likes about Putnam, she said she likes how welcoming and open people are. When she first got here, before she got a job or a house, everyone was very welcoming, helpful, and nice. She said that you can always find someone to talk to and staff and students feel like a family

Miss Ruby has 2 sisters who are both married. She has 2 nephews who are 5 and 10 years old and are both “wild and crazy”. She is in a relationship with Mr. Matt Hydorn, whom she met at Graceland in Lamoni, IA. Together, they have one son, Bo Robert Hydorn. 

When asked if she would go back in time and change anything, she said no. “Everything that has happened has led [her] to where [she] is now.” She wouldn’t have met Mr. Hydorn or had Bo if she would have changed anything. All of her regrets have made her stronger as a person. 

When asked what her advice was to any student wanting to enter the Education field, she said to find your teacher friends and when they give you a mentor, get close to them because they become your best friends. Mrs. Jenna Sivetts was her mentor and now they are very close friends. She also said to speak up and make your voice heard because you are the one who can make a difference in students’ lives.

In five years from now, she sees herself with a 6-year-old Bo and hopefully a couple more kids. She will be in a big house and still teaching English in Putnam County. By this time, she “better be married”. She says doesn’t want to look 10 years in the future, she just wants to live in the moment. 

Her favorite time of the year to teach is in the Fall because of the Halloween units (And Then There Were None and the Salem Witch Trials). Reading with the students and listening to them complain about “how the movies are never the same as the books” are two of her favorite parts of teaching. 

Along with teaching, Miss Ruby works with Mrs. Taylor Bennett on the Junior High play. Miss Ruby’s partner, Mr. Matt Hydorn, coaches High School Football.


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