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Let's Celebrate National Library Month!

Student Author: Maddie H.

From one of the largest libraries in the world, the New York Public Library with over 55 million copies to read, to the smallest library located in Black Valley, Tennessee with less than 200 books, and every in between, there’s something these fascinating buildings have in common.

April is National Library Month and it’s time to give a special thank you to those who share their love for books and spread it towards others. Each day at Putnam County, you can find Mrs. Watt or Mr. Hicks helping a new reader or a long-time book lover dive into another adventure.

It might seem simple to some, but being a librarian is so much more than checking out books. From coffee makers, to book fixers, we’re so lucky to have such amazing people behind the scenes making this school district thrive. Make sure to say a special thank you if you see our amazing librarians or any librarians, not just this April, but every day.

Comment below to tell us why you love our libraries!


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1 Comment

Putnam County
Putnam County
Apr 16, 2019

We love our library because our library staff is always coming up with new stuff to read!

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