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Leo's Café: A New Eatery in Town

Student Author: Vanessa B.

The moment you walk into Leo’s Café, you are immediately hit with a feeling of home. The grey-blue walls and the low hanging soft lights, along with the signs lining the walls, provide a charming and positive aura. I was immediately greeted by the waitress and pulled into soft conversation with the welcoming diners. Before this interview, I had never been to Leo’s, though I had planned to visit it one day. I have a soft spot for start-up businesses, especially those local. Although there are few eateries in Unionville, Leo’s is definitely an upcoming restaurant in town.

Leo’s is a family owned restaurant, named after the owners’ newly born child. Three months ago, the owners started business here in Unionville, where the female owner, Anna Busker, is from. The option to claim the business came up last minute and they didn’t know how it would turn out. For one, the business started right when places were being shut down for COVID-19. Then, once things started to open back up, people were still concerned about the possibility of getting the virus. However, they adapted and switched to delivery.

When the business was started, it was primarily a family-run business. Though that has changed slightly so more waitresses and cooks are available, the moral is the same. When asked if there were any advantages to starting the business during COVID-19, Anna’s husband Leon responded “Yes! Like I said, my baby is two weeks old, so being a business owner means I can be home and be with him…This way, if I have to leave for some kind of emergency, I can leave.”

Any good business has goals, and the owners of Leo’s aren’t lacking any. One of their biggest goals is to expand the business, not only in location, but also the menu. They have also been looking towards outside seating. As such a new and small business, I asked Leon what he would say to get new people to come in or to get past customers back in. He said “If you haven’t come, you should and try it…. There is something for everybody. For people to come back, this is month four... we try to update every day and get better.” This restaurant may be small now, but I believe this business has extreme potential. If you are like me and wish to see local businesses grow, I recommend having a dine in with some friends at the neighborhood diner Leo’s Café!


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