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50 First Dates: A Movie Review

Student Author: Jeremiah M.

50 First Dates is a 2004 romantic comedy starring popular actors like Adam Sandler, who plays Henry Roth, and Drew Barrymore, who plays Lucy Whitmore. 50 First Dates beginning is really good. It starts out as a lot of girls saying Henry Roth. Then he tells a girl that he is a special agent and then hops on to a water skis.

Henry Roth gets back to Oahu and he goes out to a restaurant where he meets this girl named Lucy Whitmore. Then Henry goes up to her and makes a door out of pancakes for the pancake house she was making. She found it to be funny. The next morning he goes back to the cafe and tries to talk to her and she freaks out. Sue, the cafe manager, pulled Henry aside and told him about how she can only remember the day of her accident. Despite Sue's warning, Henry still tries to get Lucy to have breakfast with him again. To learn more, you’ll have to watch this movie!

I really enjoyed this movie because of the storyline: how one man who did not want to be tied down ends up falling for a woman who can only remember her past. I would definitely recommend this movie for a date night.


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